About me


I’m a 36 year old unduly cynical public service apparatchik. I’ve taken 18 months out from the job I love to see some of the rest of the world and work out what it’s all about. Or alternatively bum around the Southern Hemisphere, see some fantastic scenery, meet the locals and keep my savings intact for as long as possible.

At this point in time I’m a former UK Police Officer: 12 years in the job, and 8 years as a frontline Detective. Fantastic job, and the source of 90 per cent of my after dinner stories, but constant grime and peril is somewhat psychologically corrosive and it’d be good to see the other side of life. Life without perps.

Accomplished world traveller since the age of 18 with a mildly stupid trip to Africa. I hope to build on this with some wildly stupid excursions whilst en route from London to Buenos Aires, the long way.

Hoping to try TEFL teaching as an escape plan. 

Please, follow my blog- it makes me feel writing it is worthwhile! If you’d like to get in touch try me at samdonati@hotmail.com


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