Feeling the love

Well, the countdown has seriously started now. I finished work yesterday, and won’t deny that setting my “Out of office” for March 2017 was rather enjoyable. I leave on Tuesday- Barring a mass migrant Eurotunnel incursion or a French union throwing burning sheep onto the lines I am booked on the evening Eurostar to Brussels.

When I first began thinking about this trip I was in Argentina last October. I applied for a career break the moment I started back at work, and it’s fair to say that, back then I was regarding it as a bit of a one-way ticket. Grass is greener and all.

However, in the intervening months I’ve really come to realise that Bristol is a great place to live, and I have plenty to keep me here like great mates, and, despite the political tinkering/wholesale dismantling of the public sector, still one of the best jobs in the world.

I definitely have a short memory in this regard. Bristol, and the Harbourside area in particular, really come alive during the summer and it’s very possible to forget on warm, sunny weeks that actually for half the year we don’t see the sun, and there are about 5 hours of daylight in winter. I exaggerate, obviously. But the point remains.

 Off on Tuesday, watch this space for lots of excessively excitable posts about TRAINS!


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