Night train to Moskva

I left St. Petersburg in the dead of the night, in order to catch the Krasnaya Strela (Red Arrow) overnight to Moscow. Luckily Simple Hostel was only a ten minute walk from the station thereby avoiding another encounter with rip off taxis. There are dozens of trains which ply the busy St. Pete-Moscow route. The fastest are […]

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Baltic cruise… da

The day again arrived to leave a fairly comfortable rut. Stockholm was indeed nice however at the rate of expenditure I was going to have drained my savings by the middle of next week and would have had to return to the UK in shame. So, it was goodbye to Stockholm, and hello to the […]

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Into Scandinavia

So, Hamburg to Copenhagen on the train was dispatched in typically efficient style. A bit of a change for me, having an actual compartment like the old days rather than open seating but pleasant enough overall apart from being TOO BLOODY HOT. This brings me, rather early, to my first mindless diversion from topic. The […]

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Off into the unknown

So, the day has arrived. A morning trip to Taunton, a distinctly mediocre M+S sandwich for lunch (Awfentic British, innit?) and then an afternoon train to London.  Travelling via train in the UK still, for me, has the edge over bussing it. Or indeed driving, when it comes to Bristol-London. The routes are inevitably far […]

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Feeling the love

Well, the countdown has seriously started now. I finished work yesterday, and won’t deny that setting my “Out of office” for March 2017 was rather enjoyable. I leave on Tuesday- Barring a mass migrant Eurotunnel incursion or a French union throwing burning sheep onto the lines I am booked on the evening Eurostar to Brussels. […]

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Clawing back the spontaneity

Plans continue apace…  I’ve managed to sort out the majority of my UK commitments so the stressful side of going away is gently dissipating, to be replaced with a genuine excitement about the journey I’m about to undertake. I have a shiny new jumbo passport. My plans have evolved massively since I first decided to […]

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Plan to fail or fail to plan?

Holiday planning is a subject close to my heart, and I think it’s worth considering carefully.    Now, I’ve never really been into package holidays. I’ve got nothing against them, they have their place and actually suit a lot of people down to the ground. But hey, you package holidayers have life EASY. Seriously. On […]

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Long way round…

I think we’ll be alright with the slight copyright infringement.   So, here I am, about to embark on definitely one of the most impulsive enterprises of my life but hopefully also one of the most worthwhile. Beautifully crazy, as per the name of the blog and my favourite Argentinian’s nickname for me.   The […]

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